Scottish Sea Glass

About a year and a half ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely woman named Gaynor, who had just started up her own jewelry business created from sea glass that she found on the beach.  It was astounding! (All photos courtesy of Gaynor Hebden-Smith)

Emerald Sea Glass Commission March 2011

She had always enjoyed spending time at the beach, and as her husband would train for his open water swimming (bbrrrrrrr!) she  would while away the hours with her kids gathering treasures that they found on the shoreline.  Viola, a business was born.

Cornflour Blue Sea Glass with "Scottish Sweetheart" Hole

Each piece of sea glass, also known as mermaid tears or sea jewels, is in the state that it was formed by nature.  With only a wash and perhaps a small adornment such as the “Sweetheart” hole above, pieces are chosen and designed around their existing shape.

Blue Sea Glass (9 Pieces) Direct to Chain

Not shying away from the fact that these “jewels” are the result of littering, Gaynor relishes how nature can create such beauty out of others carelessness.  She is also garnering great local history such as the previous existence of a medicine bottling plant that specialised in the deep blue glass as in the above necklace, and even how pubs used to get around their refuse collection by dumping their bottles in the water.  Old maps with coastal pubs = shoreline bonanza!

Red Sea Glass Commission March 2011

Gaynor not only selects and designs the pieces herself but she is happy to take commissions.  Whether you found a piece of sea glass on your honeymoon or in your daily walk with your dog, she can create a piece with your personal treasure.  She even records the location of everything she collects so you can request that your piece originates from a place of special importance to you.

Multi-coloured Seas Glass Direct to Chain
This is one of my favourite pieces.  To me is just shouts sunshine, summertime and beaches and all the fun they entail.   For more information check out the Scottish Sea Glass website, and browse for yourself.
PS This is not an advertisement just wanted to share this groovy stuff from a lovely colleague!

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  1. Gaynor says:

    Thanks for such a lovely write up. You are a very talented, dedicated and lovely person – good luck with the blog. From one try-er to another , well done!!

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