Future Plans Du Jour

While we are very happy right where we are with good friends, good schools and the Mother-ship of all Tesco on our doorstep, we find ourselves winding down one five-year plan and cooking up another one.
Skye Homes Kit House

The basic idea is to move a bit more into the country, not too far just enough to be able to afford decent piece of land.  Now it gets fun, we are thinking of a self-build kit house like the one above or maybe even a straw bale house with full eco kit, to be as off grid as possible without giving up the convenience of modern living as I am a wimp.

Wigwams with Heat for Year Round (or Scottish Summer) Camping

We need to have enough land, say 2-5 acres so that at one end we can host a few of these wigwams.  Part of a growing trend in “glam camping” and as a reaction to collapsed travel companies, ash clouds and the recession in general, Brits are staying close to home for their holidays.  I love the idea of structured camp site, not too much maintenance but a steady income to support our more creative endeavors.  These babies come with curtains already hung and heat, a very real need for camping in Scotland whatever the time of year.

Alpacas in Scotland? Wool, Wee Ones & Weed Whackers

 And then come the Alpacas.  As an eco-friendly grass cutting scheme, a source of fine wool and breeding for additional income and of course keeping a small holdings farm in agricultural use.  Sounds like a plan, no?

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