Major Improvement

 Who would have thought that such a neat little piece of kit that cost just £35 ($50) could so totally transform what is possible and practical to photograph!
Who’d a thunk?

 I have really been struggling to get an even passable photographic representation of some of the recipes I have been cooking up as of late. 

Baked Croque Monsieur - super tasty but hideous when photographed:(.

This was a super yum Baked Croque Monsieur that I made for a girls lunch one day.  It was a sunny day, about 12.30 – decent light, and golden brown when it emerged from the oven.  But I could only capture a rather sad-looking grey appearance.  Totally JV (amateurish) and not at all what I was hoping to show you.

Even tea cakes in the Conservatory look less than glamorous.

Even my friend’s homemade tea cakes that she artfully arranged for a get together were OK when photographed but nowhere near how lovely they were in real life.  (She is starting a vintage china hire/rental service for hosting high tea in your home – how fab!)

Still lots of room for improvement...

But as of today a whole new day had dawned.  I am so excited to get cooking now that I can have some hope of presenting you with a pleasing image that may just want to make you give it a try!  Hooray and thank you Laura!

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