Things On My List To Covet Today

At any  given time there is usually a pretty impressive list things of which I am desirous.  The vast majority of which is food, kitchen and entertaining related must have’s, that exist on a scale of mild craving to white-hot, keep-you-up-at-night  blind yearning.  As with most people with small kids and ever rising food and power bills, most of these darling must either remain in the golden haze of Jeantopia or be put a very long waiting list until they can be accommodated.  It is alright….I can be very patient.  So in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would take you window shopping into the realms of things that are tickling my fancy at the moment.

What is driving me to distraction is the big news that Anthropolgie is opening in Edinburgh (on George Street) at the end of the month.  Back in the day when I was single and gainfully employed, I would often frequent my local Anthropolgie in Boston.  Except for the briefest of visits last summer, the eight years free from the temptations of this store have provided some relief in these difficult economic times.  Now, it’s back.

OOOO I want I want I want....particularly the orange flowers

Now I am just  trying to think of a way this could be a tax deductible purchase.  Perhaps if I used the one with the orange flowers solely and exclusively for the photographing of food for this blog that would qualify?  Do you think a pair of earrings might be pushing it a bit?

How Fabulous are These?!

And speaking of pushing it – did you know that Brits will simply NOT help themselves to any platter, dip, buffet or canape unless they have a plate? For real, even when you tell them specifically to just grab a napkin (artfully twisted with a wine bottle for full fan effect) and help themselves.  No smoked salmon blini with sprig of dill, no seven layer dip, or for some reason under no circumstances can a deviled egg be eaten without the security of holding a plate in your hand – maddening.  It can really interrupt the flow of a casual cocktail event and make getting a bigger event underway a big bother – not to mention increase the load for clean up.

My Current Solution to the Conundrum
Up to this point I have resorted to this caddy of appetizer plates which I am reluctantly willing to put out along side a spinach dip.  A good solution, but limited in number and the moment people have a plate in their hands – they sit down!  What is a girl to do?  And then, I saw them…

You Could Even Bring Your Own!

Finger Foods from Fred, miniature catering plates on RINGS to slip on while your get your mingle on – or take seconds of something really tasty in the server is passing your way.

Come On!

 Blissfully negotiate deep-seated cultural reservations and increase conversational mobility, all while looking fabulous throughout the evening.  Not to mention this makes great strides in moving ever closer to abolishing the dread first course for the much more versatile hor d’oeuvre spread – allowing the host to actually join the party.  The verdict is in  – utterly fabulous!  (Available from Amazon)

A Table Top Photo Studio to combat my lack of natural light.

 You may also have noticed that there has not yet been a whole lot of food on this so-called Food & Lifestyle blog.  Well, truth be told my food photography is leaving much to be desired.  Things that look fantastic and welcoming when they emerge from the oven are appearing grey and poxy in the photos.  I blame the lack of natural light.  Today I took a few shots at 12:30 pm, right inside a south-facing window, on a mostly sunny hour (see Weather).  The result was blech.  Therefore, I have decided that I must augment the “natural” light that seems to be the written law of food photography with a little help.  If anyone can think of any reason that this must not be so, please comment now …….

Wait a minute….does this mean that these are already in my possession?! (Oops, Just don’t tell my husband)

I mean really, here is an example of some sample photos from today…. just dreadful don’t ya think?

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