The Steamie Bakehouse

 What to do when you are a post doc in Cognitive Science and your fixed term contract is coming to end? Why, switch gears and open an artisan bakery of course!  Happily for us that is just what Matthew Roberts and his wife Zillah Scott did when they started The Steamie Bakehouse.
The Steamie Bakehouse Selection
Focusing on quality, sustainability and of course flavour, the Bakehouse operates out of a 3 meter x 3 meter summer-house with a custom built thin-walled concrete, super-efficient wood burning oven.  All of this was self designed and built with the help of local blacksmith David Henderson.

Matthew Roberts - Artisan Bread Baker


 Using off-cuts from The Scottish Woodland Trust  Matthew can heat and run two ovens to bake 200 loaves of bread from approximate 4 kilos/ 10 pounds of wood.  I told you it was efficient! ( I think I use more than that just to get a fire going…)
Super-efficient wood burning oven
Continuing on the sustainability theme, they try to source their flours from local, organic and whenever possible heritage grains. Matthew is also in charge of the ordering production and IT side of the business.  He uses his former professional knowledge to design ordering forms that can accurately configure the proportions of over 100 loaves of bread to within about 200 grams/ about 1 cup of flour! 

Homemade Sourdough Starter

 All their bread are made using a Rye sourdough starter (also homemade).  Currently, they offer an Oat Loaf, a Wholemeal Spelt & Honey, a Sourdough,  a Five Grain,  a Wholemeal & Rye, and a Fruit Loaf .  

So how do you get this these babies into your life?  Well, if you are local to Fife you can pop into Reuban’s Deli in Dunfermline, Blether by the Bridge in North Queensferry and Food For Thought in Burntisland.  The Steamie also operates Bread Clubs whereby you and a few friends get together for a weekly order (a bit like a veg box scheme) and the delivery will be made to the organisor of your Club in lovely bags with your order clipped on to the outside.  Everyone is invoiced separately on a monthly basis so there is no hassle with money for the host of the Club. 

So if you are looking for delicious, sustainable, artisans breads, be sure to check out the offerings of our Dunfermline based Steamie Bakehouse!

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh I can almost SMELL that bread from here ! I love making bread of all types myself. I would love to be able to use a real wood oven though! THAT … would be sublime !!

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