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We are blessed with the most ridiculous variety of world-class foods right here in my nook of the woods.  In fact, in my county of Fife alone you can get not only local farm produce and grains, but also dairy products,wild game, beef, pork, chicken and of course spectacular fish & shellfish.  So in an effort to seek these goodies out (and make you all super envious in the process), I am going to task myself with tracking down and highlighting as many local farmers, producers & mongers as possible.

To that end, let me introduce you to my fish van man George Hay.

(OK I took these pictures a wee while ago, but he still works year round.)

Thursday are great days for me because that is when my mobile fish merchant comes to town.  He arrives at your door in his kitted out  van which is actually a super snazzy mobile shop that you can conveniently step into (and out of the weather) to peruse his lovely wares.

George’s day begins at about 4.30 am (eek) when he arrives at the St. Monan’s Fish Market which is where the local boats from the East Neuk of Fife unload their catches.  By about 7:00 am, after acquiring his ridiculous fresh fish he prepares it by filleting and possibly smoking.  Once the fish is all set he packs it all on ice and prepares the van for the day travel and ready to hit the road by about 8 – 8.30 am. He travels four days a week with one office day for paperwork and follows a set schedule all around Fife.

 His customers are the general public and well as several local restaurants and hotels.  He only sells the freshest fish and can guarantee that nothing is more than 24 hours off the boat. In fact his fish is so fresh he has a “sell or return” agreement with the purveyors at the fish market that he can bring back any unsold stock that can be resold by another fish monger.  Not only is all his stock local, it is also only available is season (i.e. never frozen).

For some extra convenience he stocks farm fresh produce, eggs and sometimes baked goods.  For those of you out there that still think that hours off the farm strawberries or eggs don’t taste different that what you get in the supermarket, well…your just going to have to try it for yourself and you’ll never go back.

 While it is not the easiest job in the world (the hours alone would kill me), George loves chatting to his customers all day long.  He is a one man shop on wheels and loves the freedom and flexibility that being a mobile fishmonger affords. Even in these tough economic times he is able to personally explain to his customers if there is a price increase and likewise can adjust for any bargains to be had.  He is so committed to his business that short of being drafted to play rugby (his other passion) in New Zealand, he will be bringing fresh fish to us lucky pups in Fife for years to come.

George’s schedule is : 

Tuesday: Kinghorn & Burntisland

Wednesday: St. Andrew’s

Thurday: Dunfermline, Rosyth, Kinghorn & Burntisland

Friday: St. Andrews

and he can be contacted on 01333 311 521.   Additionally, he is happy to provide any special orders that you might have.  I can highly recommend his products and his services, and maybe fish day will be your favourite day of the week soon.



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  1. kasey says:

    Incredible! I’m truly jealous!

    • Jean says:

      It really is amazing. Folks here couldn’t quite understand that I thought this the most amazing luxury when I first moved over from Edinburgh. But brace yourself – there is so much more to come 🙂

  2. Chia-chi says:

    I live in Dunfermline one year now and I love fish and shellfishes here. They are really great here, especially the scallops.

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