Skye – See, Do, Love

The theme song from Outlander is known as the “Skye Boat Song” that recalls the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie (dressed as a serving maid) with the aide of Flora McDonald. Interestingly, the words of the hit programme used are not the original ones, but rather a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson (of Treasure Island, Kidnapped & Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fame), to fit the storyline better.

The result is a haunting success of two Scottish masterpieces.


Facing the harbour in Portree is the Royal Inn, formerly known as McNab’s Inn and was the indeed last meeting place of Bonnie Prince Charlie (of song) and his rescuer in 1746.  This is but one wee example, that in addition to the landscape and wildlife, there is just so much history, culture and no small part of luxury that also define the beauty of Skye, I thought I would show you a handful of other sights.

8 Dunvegan400s

History abounds everywhere but no where more so than the spectacular Dunvegan, home of the Chief of Clan MacCloud for over 800 years.

9 Dunvegan Bull400s

You can’t take picture inside, but I was only told that after I managed this snap of the family’s emblem of a bull and their motto “Hold Fast”.  Dunvegan is also home to the famed “Fairy Flag” that was to have been given to the MacClouds by Titania, wife of Oberon, King of the Fairies.

(Please just pause for a moment and enjoy that I live in a country whose national animal is the Unicorn and boasts a national treasure of Fairy Flag.  Beat. That!)

2 Talisker400s

Of course, you can’t go to Skye without a tour of the Talisker Distillery.  They don’t let you take pictures of the huge copper kettles and inner workings, but you do get a taster at the end so, hey ho!

3 casks400s

You also get to see single malt ageing away in their cosy casks.  These one have been here since 1979 so this is destined to be the very, very, very good stuff.

4 £500 whisky400s

So good, you can even buy a bottle of 35 year old Talisker for the bargain price of £525 (or just under $1,500) per bottle!

5 Kintail Lodge400s

In addition to world class whisky, Skye is also known for its food and luxury accommodations.  This is the Kinloch Lodge, run by Claire and Godfrey MacDonald which was recently names as one of the 25 best small hotels by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine.

6 Kintail Doorway400s

You have to just love the whole Highland Lodge thing where antlers adorn just about everything.  Fabulous as it was, we didn’t dine at the Kinloch,

7 Flodigarry Hotel400s

but we did at this next beauty of Flodigarry Hotel. Another fantastic spot that even comes with its own helicopter landing pad for the extra, extra posh!


10 Three Chimneys400s

But these wee building is the gem in the culinary crown of Skye.

11 Three Chimneys Sign400s

This is this the Three Chimneys Restaurant a world renown Michelin starred restaurant with 5 Star Luxury Accommodations

12 Three Chimney Interior400s

While the interiors where very simple the smell that were emanating from the kitchen as it prepared for service were just sublime.

13 Three Chimneys Window400s

As my kids were with me I wasn’t able to dine here (yet).  But I think I keep it in mind for the next big birthday that ends in zero…..

18 Isle of Sky Brewery400s

Skye also boasts its own brewery,

18 Uig Pottery400s

and is a virtual hot bed of artists, artisans and crafts of all kinds.

19 uig Pottery 2400s

I couldn’t resist, sorry!

 An believe it or not folks, this just barely scratched the surface of all that Skye has to offer.

Flavours of Skye

So, I am left to console myself with my memories and trying to come up to speed on a few more local delicacies until we can return again next autumn.

What can I say, but Get Thee to Skye!


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